Capture Viewer

The Capture Viewer enables editing of image and movie files prior to saving.

Getting There

When saving an image or movie, the second option in the "DICOM Repository" drop-down menu is "DICOM Secondary Capture". Selecting this option and clicking "Save" will load the image/movie into the Capture Viewer.


The Capture Viewer panel is split into four fields: Info, Convert, Edit, and Image.


The Info field includes many boxes and buttons that affect the output image.

Option Description
Series Description Pull-down menu to choose image. Image selected here will be reflected in the "Series Desc" field
PatientsName Patient name as stored in the DICOM header
Study Desc Protocol used to collect the data
Series Desc Series description including modality
Capture Desc Name of image/movie to be saved. Manually entered by user.
Content Data Date and time at which the image/movie was loaded into the Capture Viewer.
Data Size Size of the original data referred to in the Series Description pull-down menu.
Image Size Size of image currently being displayed.
DICOM When pressed, displays the DICOM Header for the data
Close When pressed, closes the Capture Viewer without saving image
orig When checked, maintains, or returns to, the original image size.
and Increases or decreases image size, respectively


The Convert field includes several options that affect the output image.

Option Description
Save Image Opens the Save Image screen.
Save Movie Opens the Save Movie screen.
Play Movie Plays the movie. Click again to stop the movie
Save Capture Saves image/movie into the repository specified in the pull-down menu.

There are also several radio buttons that enable the user to select the level of compression of the output images. If selecting "Lossy JPEG", the "quality" spin-box becomes active and the user can specify how much quality to preserve in the output image.


The Edit field includes several buttons

Option Description
Annotate Creates a text box in the image space
Circle Creates a circle in the image space that can be moved and resized to highlight an ROI.
Arrow Creates a movable arrow in the image space

Image View

The Image field displays the image/movie that is currently being edited.