Tile View

The Tile View displays an array of slices for either sagittal, coronal, or transversal view of the loaded data sets. The number of slices displayed depends on the size of the VivoQuant window.

Getting There

The Tile View is available via a pull-down menu on the Main Window.

Using the Tile View Display

Scrolling through slices in the Tile View may be achieved using the scroll wheel on a mouse or by using the arrows and PageUp/PageDn keys on your keyboard. The keys control the rate at which you scroll through the tiles. To learn how these keys control scrolling in the Slice View, click here..

Previous slice
Next slice
Previous row
Next row
PageUp Previous screen
PageDn Next screen

To switch between views (i.e., coronal, sagittal, transversal) in the Tile View, right-click on a tile and choose the desired view.

Two operators are available in Tile View. The first is the Time Series operator, which enables dynamic data to be viewed as a time series. For more information on this operator, see the Time Series page.

The other available operator is the 3D ROI View operator, which enables ROIs to be displayed in Tile View. Note: ROIs may not be edited in Tile View. For information on editing ROIs, see the 3D ROI Tool page.