The Viewer Control, MIP Control, Data Manager, and Operators are automatically placed into docks upon opening. Docks may be dragged and dropped into and out of the Main Window display and multiple Controllers are dockable at any given time.

Using docks

The three controllers (MIP, Viewer, and Data Manager) are opened into docks automatically when used. Also, any individual operator (i.e., reorientation, cropping, etc.) is opened into a dock upon use.

Any controller or operator displayed in a dock may be "popped out" into its own window via a drag-and-drop procedure with the mouse. Similary, any controller or operator can be re-docked by dragging it back into a docking area (the left, right, or bottom of the main window).

Docks may even be placed on either side of the main window, allowing immediate access to many VQ tools without changing windows. And if more main window space is needed for image viewing, simply close or re-arrange the docks to your liking.