Import Bruker Data

To import Bruker data, select Import->Bruker MR from the File menu.

Navigate to the desired MR dataset. Once a dataset has been selected, use the window that appears to choose the series to view:

Check 'Planar' to avoid interpolation of non-isotropic voxels. Importer also checks the 'Max voxsize ratio for vol' setting in the 'Data' tab within the configuration window. Please set the 'Max voxsize ratio for vol' threshold appropriately. For an image file to be interpolated as isotropic voxels, please set the threshold greater than (largest pixel dimension / smallest pixel dimension).

Check 'Combine 3D' to load dynamic MRI data as a single image file. Not selecting this file will result in the data loading as separate files for each timepoint. The fMRI tool requires dynamic data to be combined into a single file.

Select 'Open' to load the selected MR acquisition file into the Data Manager. Select 'Store' to upload the selected MR acquisition file to an iPACS or DICOM server or to save to the local storage.