The following sections describe how to run an iPACS Sync job:

Run a Sync Job

Sync jobs are created / modified in the configuration window. To run a job, select the appropiate job and click Run.

Icon Descriptions

Icon Description
Pause a Sync Job
Run all active Sync Jobs
Stop a Sync Job
Open the configuration page
Open the help guide

Quick Sync

This feature is a simple way to quickly download files from a WebDisk folder, or it can facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data from the iPACS to a local location.

To download select files from the iPACS, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired files from the Browser or WebDisk, then right-click one of them and select iPACS Sync.
  2. A 'browser.irsync' file will be downloaded.
  3. In the iPACS Sync client, open the 'browser.irsync' file by going to Jobs -> Quick Sync File, then selecting the file.
  4. If a saved job has not been configured for this iPACS, the client will require login credentials for the iPACS.
  5. Select a folder where the iPACS files will be saved.
  6. The iPACS Sync client will run a job to transfer the selected files to the specified location.