The Arithmetics operator can be used to add, subtract, multiply, divide, average or merge multiple images. Additionally, a scalar multiplier or addend can be applied to all voxels of an image with the Arithmetic operator.

Getting There

The Arithmetics operator can be accessed via the tool pull-down menu on the VQ front panel.

Using the tool

Upon selection of the Arithmetics operator, the Arithmetics operator window is displayed.

The drop-down menu under Options contains a selection of the available operators:

Click OK to perform the chosen operation. A dialog will appear to indicate successful application of the chosen function.

For all arithmetic operations, the user has the option to append the resulting volume(s) or perform the function in-place, thus replacing the existing data with the amended data.

Units are considered by the Arithmetics operator, and a warning will be displayed if an attempt is made to add, subtract, multiply, divide or average two images of differing units and will allow the user the option to halt the operation.