The Navigation operator is automatically selected when VivoQuant is opened. This tool enables you to manually scroll through the image slices and rotate the Maximum intensity Projection (MIP). Similar functionality is available via the Viewer Control tool.

Note: this page is concerned with Navigation in Slice View. While navigation is similar in other view modes, the keystrokes and movements described below may not produce identical behavior. For information regarding navigation in other view modes, see the Tile View, Multi View, or MPR View pages.

Getting There

To enter the panel, select Navigation via the tool pull-down menu on the VQ front panel.

Several methods exist for operating the slice control Navigator. Manual manipulation using a mouse is described below. Another tool, the Viewer Control offers a wider array of options for controlling the Navigator window.


Navigation through the viewports includes scrolling through slices, zooming and panning.


To scroll through the individual slices, move the mouse cursor up and down or to the side on the different viewports (sagittal, coronal or transverse). A mouse wheel may also be used to scroll through slices or to rotate the MIP.

When in Slice View or in Multi View with "Link Views" checked, scrolling is not independent across viewports; scrolling in one viewport will affect the other viewports.


To zoom in or out within a viewport, hold the "Shift" key and move the mouse wheel forward or backward, respectively. Zooming is independent across viewports; zooming in one viewport has no affect on others, and all viewports may be zoomed to different amounts.


To pan within a viewport, hold the "Shift key and click and drag the mouse. Panning is independent across viewports; panning in one viewport has no affect on others, an all viewports may panned to different amounts.

Resetting Viewport

At any time, the zoom and pan within viewports may be reset to their default positions. To do this, click the icon located on the toolbar

MIP-Specific Function

The functions for controlling the MIP are slightly different than functions for controlling the slices.


To freely rotate the VTK MIP, click and drag the mouse across the MIP. To zoom in and out, scroll the mouse wheel forward and backward. To pan around the MIP, hold the Shift key and drag the mouse across the MIP. To rotate the MIP about a fixed axis of rotation, hold the Ctrl key and drag the mouse in a circular motion across the MIP.

Classic (non-VTK) MIP

The Classic MIP cannot be freely rotated, panned or zoomed in/out on like the VTK MIP. The only navigation available is changing the View Angle (i.e. rotation about the transverse axis). This can be accomplished by scrolling with the mouse wheel, or by dragging the View Angle progress bar in the MIP Control window.


The tooltip feature is available by briefly holding a mouse click on any of the three slice views (transverse, sagittal, coronal) in the Navigator window. The tooltip feature displays (x,y,z) coordinate locations, and voxel values for each displayed data set for that (x,y,z) position.

This information is also found in the Viewer Control. For more on using the Viewer Control, see the Viewer Control page.