The Annotation tool allows you to write and save a comment on any of the files currently loaded in the Data Manager

Adding An Annotation

Right click on the data in the DM you want to edit and select Annotate.

Write your comment and select OK.

Update the DM by clicking Update at the bottom of the DM and your annotation will appear in the data as Ann. It will read "Ann : user date:annotation..."

You can add as many annotations as needed following the same steps as above. To view all your annotations in full, right click on the data and select Show Annotations.

You can also check, edit, and delete your annotations in iPACS. Just log in, locate the file you annotated, click on its number of data points (DP) and a chart will appear with your annotation and options to edit or delete. (Annotations can only be deleted in the ipacs). You have to refresh your iPACS browser or Update VivoQuant in order for your annotation edits to appear in either.