Crosstalk Removal

The Crosstalk Removal tool is used to remove crosstalk photons in dual-isotope SPECT images. The limits in energy resolution inherent to SPECT imaging result in some overlap between the energy spectra of isotopes with relatively similar peak energies. For example, in dual-isotope I-123 and Tc-99m imaging, some I-123 photons will spill over into the Tc-99m window and vice versa. The Crosstalk Removal tool is applied to projection data to remove these "spill over" photons or crosstalk. This function will soon be implemented into the HiSPECT reconstruction software solution.

Getting There

Crosstalk Removal is available in the Tools Menu in SPECT Tools


Please visit How To Guides on the VivoQuant website to download a stand-alone PDF guide for performing Crosstalk Removal.