MIP Controls

The MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) control can be used to automatically rotate the MIP and also allows for manipulation of active data sets in the main window. See MIP Explained for a more detailed description of how the MIP is generated.

Getting There

Three different methods exist for reaching the MIP Control window.

The first method is to use the MIP Control thumbnail in the Main Window.

The second method is to go to "MIP Control" under the Tools menu.

The third method is to use the keyboard shortcut "F6". For more on keyboard shortcuts in VQ, please see Keyboard Shortcuts.


The MIP Control window provides a variety of options for manipulating the MIP and the appearance of open data sets in the main window of the VQ. Options include Playing a MIP Movie, MIP Rotation Speed, Color Maps, Color Scaling, Color Intensity, and VTK Viewer.

Playing a MIP Movie

The MIP movie is automatically generated upon the loading of a data set. Using the mouse, it can be manually rotated in the main window. Hitting Play in the MIP Control enables automatic rotation of the MIP movie. The slider bar marks the rotation progress of the MIP movie. For large data sets, it can sometimes take several moments for the MIP movie to be generated. The progress bar in the MIP Control indicates how much of the MIP movie has been successfully calculated.

MIP Rotation Speed

The Rotation slider in the MIP Control allows fine control of the MIP rotation speed.

VTK Viewer

Each operator will have default VTK viewer settings and will be refreshed upon opening an operator window. The VTK viewer can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the box in the top left corner of the VTK viewer section in the MIP Control operater window.

The following options are availabe for adjusting the VTK viewer:

Icon Description
Force re-rendering of the VTK viewer. Hold this button down to toggle MIP auto-rendering.
Reset the camera of the VTK viewer to its initial position.
Replace black background with VTK background.
Toggle Multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) view in VTK viewer. Hold down to toggle background transparency.
Toggle the classic MIP in the VTK viewer.
Toggle orientation cube in the VTK viewer.
Toggle visible annotations in the VTK viewer.
Change performance of VTK viewer by optionally downsampling the VTK image. Hold this button down to specify the resolution of the image.