The Quantification Calculator enables a feature unique to the NanoSPECT/CT imaging system -- the ability to perform absolute quantification in small-animal SPECT imaging.

Getting There

The QuantiCalc tool is available via the Tools Menu


The Quantification Calculator is used to calculate a Quantification Factor. To perform absolute quantification, Quantification Factors must be calculated for each isotope and aperture combination used in the NanoSPECT/CT. The Quantification Factors are stored in the Quantification Database. For information on collecting the data necessary to calculate Quantification Factors, please see the NanoSPECT/CT documentation.

The procedure for collecting Quantification Factor data involves performing a highly-specified SPECT measurement on a syringe filled with isotope. The fields of the QuantiCalc window may then be filled in according to:

Quantification Database

The Quantification Database stores all of the Quantification Factors calculated for any isotope and aperture combination measured with the NanoSPECT/CT. These factors are then used by the HiSPECT reconstruction software to produce SPECT reconstructions with physically meaningful voxel values. For more on setting Quantification Factors for the NanoSPECT/CT, please see this guide.