Resample Data

The Resample Data tool allows rebinning of reconstructed data into an arbitrary voxel size. This tool may be useful when attempting to fuse multiple large data sets, especially when dealing with high-resolution modalities like MRI and CT.

Getting There

The Resample Data option is available within the Reorientation / Registration Tool via Operations -> Resample or by navigating to Tools -> Resample data.

Using the tool

When Resample data is selected, a small dialog box will appear, displaying the current voxel size and dimensions of the image. Uncheck the box next to Isotropic Voxels to adjust the slice spacing. Similarly, uncheck the box next to Auto-compute Dimensions to adjust the dimensions of the image. Enter a new voxel size next to In-plane Voxel Size and hit OK to resample the data to have voxels at the new (typically larger) size.